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If you run an independent Stella Matutina or Golden Dawn Temple and wish to affiliate with an Order such as ours, then you can apply to do so.

Please note - To affiliate with us, your temple/lodge does NOT have to use our somewhat updated Initiation Ceremonies.
We accept Temples that still prefer to work the traditional Rite of the Stella Matutina (as shown in Israel Regardies's Golden Dawn book). Our founding UK Temple (Isis-Hathor Lodge) will continue to offer the modern rectified Rite of Initiation, but other Temples do not have to follow suit (unless they want to).
And, also, unlike other similar Orders, we do not demand that all our Temples submit their independent and unique way of working to us. With us, YOU run your Temple as YOU see fit, without our interference.
We will offer advice and support where you request it, other tan that, we leave you alone to get on with the business of running your temple and initiating.

Why affiliate at all? Simply because we can help to initiate more people if we are in open communication to each other. In our opinion, the ultimate point of an initiatory Order is to initiate and we can do this better by having Temples in various locations across the world, where we can send students to.
All our Order's Lodges/Temples are affiliates, there is no longer any mother lodge that dictates to, or takes precedence over, any other lodge (not even our founding lodge in UK)- every lodge is on equal standing - all are lodges and study circles who compose us are EQUALLY affiliated.

To apply for affiliation with The Universal Order of the Morning Star / Stella Matutina, apply by emailing aand introducing yourself to Soror SD, Praemonstrator Via email -