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16th July 2017 - Over the last days, many more words added to the English Gematria list, with very interesting results!

13th July 2017 - a new section on English Gematria has been put up on the site - see under "Library" tab...then scroll down to just below "Flying Rolls"

5th July 2017 - The new version of the Practicus (Fourth) Knowledge Lecture is now completed.

7th June 2017 - The new version of the Theoricus (Third) Knowledge Lecture is up on the site

26th April 2017 - The new version of the Zelator (Second) Knowledge Lecture is finished and viewable.

Dec 2016 -The new version of the Neophyte (First) Knowledge Lecture is up.

2015- The Order grants its first honourary Neophyte status on an Italian Frater unable to travel, for some time to take a full physical Initiation but who has worked hard to connect to our current with the help of Frater VEL.
The honorary membership is an intermediate stage until Neophyte can be taken in full via a full Ceremonial Initiation in a physical Temple.